Primitif (1978)  

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Jenis Film : Horror
Produksi : Rapi Films
Sutradara : Sisworo Gautama Putra

Pemain :
Enny Haryono
Barry Prima
Johann Mardjono
Rukman Herman
Yayuk Suseno
Novita Rully
Youstine Rais
Michael Kelly
Rengga Takengon
Eva Arnaz
Jafarpree York

Made to cash in on the then popular cycle of cannibal-themed action-horror films, 1978's PRIMITIVES is a campy jungle adventure movie. A group of college students travel to the jungle with the hopes of witnessing the activities of the primitives that live there. After meeting one group, they decide to venture deeper into the depths of the wilderness, seeking the "true primitives." But when they discover another tribe there, the habits of this group makes the students wish they had never come to the jungle at all. PRIMITIVES features popular Indonesian actor Barry Prima in one of his first roles.

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